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Terms and Conditions


  • Your first clean will have a one off charge that will cover the increased time to clean your windows. All your frames sills and doors are included in first initial clean and your regular cleaning.


  • We offer a 4 weekly and 8 weekly clean, we will always try our best to complete your windows when due, However sometimes unexpected weather conditions can change this which may result in being rescheduled to your next due date.


  • When you join our 4 or 8 weekly cleaning schedule we will either send a link over to sign up to our payment partner Gocardless or you can do this through the 'Payments' section on our site. 

  • After your clean takes place we will process your payment in which you will receive an email of confirmtaion and payment will be taken within 7 days.

  • Any FAILED direct debit payment will result in a £1.00 charge added to your bill and payment will be re-processed.


  • Any cancelation on the day of your clean will be charged at 50% of your usual clean.

  • We will make time and space for you on our schedule so If you do need cancel or skip your clean please ensure you let us know the same day you are text, not the day you are due.

  • (4 & 8 Weekly cycle) Two consecutive cancelations on the day of your clean will result in you being removed from our round. As you can appreciate we could fill this slot with another customer.

  • We will normally work through light and scattered showers, However if it is heavy rain we will not be round and you will be scheduled.


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